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LPS Automotive

All big things are made up of small parts


We offer comprehensive services in the injection moulding of thermoplastic materials according to technical documentation provided by the customer. We actively collaborate with our customers on tools designed and produced by our long-term external partners and provide the complete production process for series parts. We assemble parts into groups and offer conditioning, ultrasonic welding and pad printing, if required.

Pressing thermoplastic materials

We manufacture using 35 Demag injection-moulding machines, 4 Arburg machines, which enables us to produce a wide range of precision mouldings from 0.060 g to 1700 g using ordinary as well as special thermoplastics filled with glass fibre, coloured granulates or in combination with various additives. Our production range also includes two-component products, with injections of metal parts and very precise mouldings manufactured to extremely fine tolerances. We offer and successfully assemble mouldings and purchased parts to form complete units. Production is supported by all the standard machinery, and we apply modern process management methods to ensure consistent quality standards. More than half of the workplace is fully robotized.

Other services

  • Conditioning
  • Assemble of parts into groups
  • Ultrasonic welding
  • 3D measurement
  • Storage
  • Checking, sorting and minor repairs to parts
  • Pad printing


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